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The start has been quite a bit apocalyptic here in beautiful Australia. With so many fires and bad air quality, it has been both devastating and heartbreaking to live through it for many not in just losing loved ones, property and our fauna but the smoke that has been generated also affects many far away from where the fires are. Increased respiratory problems and for a dear friend, who suffers from MCS, it has meant sealing her unit so no smoke could get in. She couldn’t go outside and was basically confined to her unit.

For those who don’t know what MCS (Multiple Chemical, Sensitivity) it’s an invisible disability where low levels of toxic chemical exposure in our environment create a wide range of invisible, debilitating and life-threatening reactions to the sufferer. Minimal chemical exposure, for the sufferer, devastates every aspect of their life. 

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As we go into this almost new era of “Leonaura”, we will touch on subjects, such as ethics, environment, sustainability and slow fashion opposed to fast fashion.

This brings us to our first addition to sustainability and environment.

Over the last few years, I questioned myself as to why my personal health has started deteriorating too. Sinuses, skin texture, forgetfulness and confusion were getting worse. I noticed that being exposed to perfumes, fragrances, a toxic environment and even the fabrics that I was wearing affected me. So I took a leaf out of my friend’s book and banished them all and now my health has improved.

With this in mind, we are starting up a special fund to aid the research into MCS. 10% of all proceeds will go to the Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc.http://www.aessra.org/

We are also making clothing from organic materials to help suffers live better lives.

Our goal this year is to create as many beautiful things as possible, with as little effect on the environment and our health as possible.

Please be patient with our website! It's up and running, but not fully complete. We will be adding information to it on a weekly basis.   

Slow fashion is the best fashion.

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