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March 2020

As we enter March, we are moving to a new location. A bigger studio space that will allow greater creativity and the expansion of our new range. It will also focus our attention on the growth of our slow, ethical and organic fashion.

Wearing synthetic fabrics and fast fashion has become the norm these days, but at what price?

My personal experience tells me it has a high price.

From the age of 11 I have suffered from an auto immune condition Psoriasis. It is not uncommon. Over my lifetime, I have seen numerous dermatologists and tried various steroid and non steroid treatments to alleviate the crawling itch and the scaly unattractive skin. Although it is not life threatening and not contagious, Psoriasis does absolutely nothing for ones confidence and it has no cure. Although it can be managed by very expensive drugs that have many unwanted side effects. Psoriasis skin cells grow at approximately 8 times the speed  of normal skin growth. Resulting in scaly, flakey and itchy skin. So what you eat, wear and your lifestyle has a bearing on sufferers comfort. 

Having already changed some of my diet and lifestyle, I then found it very hard to buy simple affordable natural fibre pieces, especially under garments. I always had to resort to some sort of blend or cottons that have been treated with harsh chemicals and finding that my psoriasis worsens.

So once again I questioned what it is that Im really putting on my skin? Plain and simply, my skin was not breathing as it was intended. What happened to the simple fibres our grandparents used to wear and sleep in? What happened to living simply and naturally? The answer is a modern lifestyle that placed too much emphasis on fast fashion at a cheap price without considering the effect it has.

We are currently in the process of developing a variety of products which are organic, sustainable and are less impacting on the environment and our heath.

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Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Also as stated in our February newsletter, we have collaborated with “Fragrance Free Revolution” Sufferers of MCS.
For those who don’t know what MCS (Multiple Chemical, Sensitivity) it’s an invisible disability where low levels of toxic chemical exposure in our environment create a wide range of invisible, debilitating and life-threatening reactions to the sufferer. Minimal chemical exposure, for the sufferer, devastates every aspect of their life.

With this in mind, we are starting up a special fund to aid the research into MCS. 10% of all proceeds will go to the Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc.

If you feel that a change is in order on how we look at ourselves and our environment, we ask you to join with us on this journey of natural living and help the sufferers of various conditions enjoy a cleaner way of life.

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Slow fashion is the best fashion.

Leonaura xx


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