Leonora Golub, the designer of Leonaura and Transcendence® started designing clothing at the age of five (5). After watching her mother sew she would spend hours putting together outfits for her dolls. It was then that she knew that designing was what she wanted to do.
Leonora’s work experience involved working with various other designers such as;
  • Amelia Fleming
  • Jane Lamerton (a division of Sports Craft in the 1980's).
  • Marianna Hardwick (Bridal Wear in the 1980's).
Leonora experience has so far spanned over 25 years designing and creating a wide range of clothing lines such as;
  • Bridal/Couture
  • Tailoring Ballroom and Latin Gowns Show Costumes
  • Children's Wear
  • Sports Wear
  • Swimwear
She has worked with Professional dancers which included Gina Buber, Michael Miziner & Aric Yegudkin (Dancing with the Stars), Paul Green, and Anastasia Belykh.
Cornucopia Foundation to raise money for the Prince of Wales children’s hospital. Making Chicago themed costumes donating part of the money earned from the sales. Dressing Susie Elelman on the night.
Involved in various fundrasing fashion show for NSW schools such as St Anthony’s college, St Katherines College, Coogee and Oatley public schools and Bronte netball team. Seven Sopranos (Opera Singers)
Leonaura Produces 3 types of Transeasonal ranges;
The ranges and individual garments are designed with freedom. For the woman who is busy. She is a mother, a wife, a friend, business woman. She is not a picture on a tabloid magazine, yet wants to be and feel beautiful and sexy no matter what shape or size she is!
'Believe' pieces offer a variety of styles that can be added to at any time. They are basics that can be layered under or over other items. Approximately 80% of the pieces are hand dyed.
'Indulge' pieces are limited. Inspirational designs that are not produced in large amounts. These pieces can easily be added to layer with the believe pieces.
'Create' pieces are dedicated to working with each client individually to meet their personal needs.
Transcendence® is an active/gym sportswear label that Leonora is developing with friend and business partner Denise Schlapp who is a Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor, Kick Boxer and Yoga practitioner.