Our Story

Leonora Golub is the designer for “Leonaura”. Leonora has grown up around fashion. Since the age of 5 she has made clothing for her dolls which lead to entering and making a career in the fashion industry from the age of 15.

Her love affair with fine textiles, natural fibres and her affinity with a relaxed lifestyle has shaped her designs and found her unique signature for fashion. Always elegant, always feminine, every piece is made for you, your comfort, your style, not for someone else.  

Even though our bodies change over time. It doesn’t mean that we have to lose our inner selves. Far from it. We still want to feel and look great in what we wear. It reflects who we are and “Leonaura” is simply natural. Every quality piece by “Leonaura” has the guarantee of the three “F’s” - Fit, Feel and Finish.

This makes every piece timeless. “Leonaura” is about “slow fashion” and sustainability. Each piece is designed and handcrafted to last. Some are still worn all around the world after 20 years.

The proof of Leonora’s love and commitment to fashion will be when you put on the garment, see and feel for yourself.